Hepatic Cyst, is it cancerous?

So my conversation with my bff (a doctor) on WhatsApp this morning was about septated cyst on the liver’s lobe.

My main Qs which many of us with no medic background would definitely ask, is it cancerous?
Simple answer, most of the time the cysts are benign (not cancerous).

But when the patient develops symptoms then there are possibility it gets cancerous.
Sebab most of the time they are fluid-filled sac (biasanya, cyst tu dalam dia fluid je). It’s more common in women than men. Dah nye nape pompuan lg ek? Huhu yeah, i could just read thru some medical journals and online health advisory websites on this. But it’s rather simple,fast & clear if i could just ask to my bestie right. Of course we would tend to take it light or ignore knowing it’s not canserous, maybe.

But do alert ya…No medical therapy has proved effective in reducing the size of simple hepatic cysts. So what if it grows?
Just have a short check timely basis for the ease of mind k. 😉 makan sihat2..change to a healthy lifestyle..be stress free (ni big challenge for me hahaha)..writing and asking about this pun mommy dah stress noks! LOL

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