I am a mommy of two beautiful princesses (to me, they are) – Sara Sophia Love & Laura Aewyna Love. Our 2 Baby Loves! That’s how I started well known as Mommy Love ❤️ among friends, colleagues, family and others.

I’m not perfect..I’m a human like everybody else.. I live, grew up, make mistakes, fell n bounce back, and learn to be better everyday..

My journey is about my life events, work, passions, the ups and downs.. Maybe I’d write some as my open diary and some ‘maybe’ could help others. I’ve experienced a whole lot the last decade (sounds as if I’m ancient now 🙊)..and I have a lot to share..just not much time to write all at once..

I’m a very expressive person (in person)..I don’t have that Poker Face.. it’s neither good nor bad, as sometimes you do need to show a poker face 😏 ..i’d easily amused and react excitesly to things..so Do excuse my languages..it can be up and down at any levels as well. 😏 just like movies MPAA ratings..got G, U, PG13, PG18, R, NC17..🙈 if you don’t like it, don’t read it..it’s a choice. 😎

As a mommy, I tried to keep it as moderate as it can be..
I am not a keyboard warrior!! I’m just Mommy Love ❤️

Pssstt…my Dad and Family in Laws are reading. 😂

I would share the perspectives from my point of view, as how I have experienced throughout my life..how do I see things in life, how do I move on to be better, or how do I adapt to certain situations and what makes me the Mommy Love today.

Should I say that.. I simply just gonna write what I want to?! haha 😝

Spread love and mommy has so much LOVE to share 😘

Mommy Love