August is Super Special

August is super duper special to me..well, at least I personally feel that way. *LOL*. NOOOoooo, not because of all those Merdeka Sales and Mega Sales, bimbos! OK, *whispering* Helmi loves shopping more than I do..I just love shopping makeups and children stuffs. *winks with cute blinking toiyoiyoi eyes*

August has been different since 2013. I was born another time…born as a Mother! I still remember how hard it was to go through all those pain and tears over the 5 years just to be called a Mommy. Be it Gonadotropins injections dozens times of needles poking on the tummy, outnumbered hormonals pills taken until I bloatedly fat, failed IUI’s, miscarriage, finally the IVF for all those 5 years…and the IVF finally works dengan izin Allah SWT. I’ll talk more about IVF and IUI on infertility story k. You may read about Infertility through my personal experience there.

I still remember when i got pregnant in 2013, Juju (Juelena) my pretty chindian friend, an ex-officematte in IBM used to say this baby in the tummy is so Precious and we gonna call her Precious. Me and Helmi were about to name her Precious back then but of course, ramai tak bagi hahaha

Anyway, she’s always a Precious to us. The strongest among all of the ovulated ovums in the IVF process, the Survivor! Even her twin couldn’t survive in the tummy. Yeahhh with mommy’s imbalance hormones and health condition..she managed to survive and born (dgn izin Allah SWT). Our precious Sara Sophia Love… La’Love, mommy’s princess – such a Little Diva and Chatterbox. Very Barbie and girlish..much dramas with her Diva-ness ways of seeing,perceiving and talking about things but she’s always a lovely and sweet child. A lovely talkative Diva! pssstt..and she thinks she speak Spanish! Even though it’s actually English! Hahaha

And we thought…with the health and medical conditions, be grateful with the gift from Allah SWT..if it’s just her in our lives then it’s OK, we already a parent with the best gift ever!! Dapat pinjaman dunia dari Allah SWT ni bersyukur lah.

Suddenly, Allah SWT give us another chance, another beautiful preggy moment for mommy without the help of IVF..Allah SWT bagi mommy peluang to feel that I am normal like any other women and I can pregnant as a normal person. Of course, there’s storms ups and downs throughout both of the pregnancies. The All-Day-Sickness, sluggish feelings, terrible gastric..not to mentioned, the terrible backpain especially when you have whole back and spine problem..but hey, this is the beauty of being pregnant..being a Mom! Special as your Doa’s are heard and your sins are forgiven (InshaaAllah). So there born our Little Miracle baby Laura Aewyna Love.. our very own miracle Baby Lola. Lola, the Cheeky Drama Queen..lovable and cheerful baby. Not forgetting to mention, Creative! Always have new Projects ideas. Projects that would make Mommy or Nekmama scream 10miles away highest of voice pitch “Lolaaaaaaaaa!!!” Or when we simply tired and say “oh my Lola!”…Well..she’s very good at learning ‘Not to Talk to Any Stranger’ at the very young age though. She won’t cry but she just won’t smile with those unfamiliar faces.hahaha

So here comes August the beautiful month in mommy’s life. Since August – 4 years ago, mommy has been called as Mommy Love by many. I’m grateful for the past, grateful for today and hoping for many beautiful years to come, ya Allah Almighty!

Happy Birthday to both my precious and miracle babies, Love and Lola!! Mommy love both of you unconditionally with all my heart. May all my Doa’s and well wishes walk with you throughout your lifetime my girls.

Grow up and shine bright like a shooting star! (Ni ayat La’Love)

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