August 28, 2019

My very own online shopping cart!

It has been quite a while now that I’ve been involved in selling (and buying 不) tru online. Since the day me and Helmi decided that [因
November 21, 2017

School for Love and Lola in teen years

Helmi and I often talks about the girls future..being a clingy and over protective dad, he’d have all these kind of imaginations..i thought i should be [因
November 10, 2017

That Prefect from school

Yesterday i had short flashback chats with my besties..with SPM going on now, this really brings back the o’memories. Wawa works in Singapore and saw a [因
September 20, 2017

Write or Not?

How am i supposed to express my feeling? To write or not to write? What past is past… this too, shall past. What’s now and what’s [因
August 30, 2017

August is Super Special

August is super duper special to me..well, at least I personally feel that way. *LOL*. NOOOoooo, not because of all those Merdeka Sales and Mega Sales, [因