My very own online shopping cart!

It has been quite a while now that I’ve been involved in selling (and buying 不) tru online. Since the day me and Helmi decided that we want to try out to be an entrepreneur, starting from selling kids clothing back in 2010, Helmi has been dreaming on creating an e-commerce solution on his own, complete with payment gateway and such.

Back then, as far as I can remember, Helmi did told me that it was so damn hard to do. I guessed that since it’s a new thing, and he wanted to do something out of the box, we’ll of course la kan. Talking about perfectionists. He is kinda perfectionist when it comes to those IT stuffs

Payment solution was a bit hefty and expensive too back then. So Helmi kinda left it and stop halfway, since we did well on just selling our stuffs via Facebook only. Come to think of it, it was something that we can consider a success though, since we were invited to be part of the first Mom&Baby expo in Midvalley! Awesome je rasa kan? 五But yeah of course we didn’t join, as our capital back then was puny je kot. Huhu.

Nevertheless, long story short, Helmi actually never forget that dream of his!

Hence, after all those years of hardships trying to learn by himself, surveying and “tiruvasi” ideas from other online shopping cart, he’s now able to create a decent, workable online shopping cart! Yeeaaaayyyy!

Helmi created a few other ecommerce solution until he’s now able to complete 1 for me! Well, anything big start with something right.

Here it is, my very own online shopping cart, that we plan to grow more and more soon!

JOM take a peek!

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