Talking to La’Love Be Like…..I’m Your Shooting Star


They say..Laughter is the Best Medicine.
But for ordinary Me, talking to my kids are the best medicine..
There’s always new things everyday….

Today’s conversation right before their afternoon nap….

“Mommy, I’m your shooting star” La’Love said..

And I was like.. “Wowww….so I can make a wish and you’ll make it happen now?”

“Nope, I’m still La’Love” replied her non-chalantly..

“=.= are you my shooting star or not?” I asked again..

Love suddenly start to sing the Barbie’s song..her usual so-called Talent Show for us

I can be anything I dream…
Live the life that’s made for me..
I’ll light up the whole world..
I’ll be shining so bright..
Anything is possible..
When I look into my heart..
Ohh ohh ohh..
I’m a shooting star…

“Yayyyy! *clapping hand* How about Lola?”

“Lola can be your Stardust”

Yes, both of them are my wish & prayers granted from Allah SWT…Best gifts ever! 😉 they made me laugh, smile, cry, freak out, seen the more OCD side of me and some times made me becoming a Godzilla.. even La’Love would say T-Rex is nicer. It’s beautiful. I am Mommy Love for who they are.

Dear Love & Lola,
Mommy always pray for your well being and all many many many of the beautiful things in life that a Mom could Doa for her child. I hope that one of the Doa’s which is for Allah SWT to grant you Nur (the light) the right path in your life journey. May both of you shining bright like a shooting star….

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