That Prefect from school

Yesterday i had short flashback chats with my besties..with SPM going on now, this really brings back the o’memories. Wawa works in Singapore and saw a girl from our school at her office yesterday. She was all excited to tell us about it..wawa always excited to inform us when she bumped into ex schoolmattes tho’..hahaha but this time, the girl doesn’t seem to be so enthusiastic seeing her. Oh well, i’m not surprised..she has that unamused personality..unlikely us who easily amused or excited over almost everythings. she’s not our classmate backthen anyway..

But i do remember her very well..
one thing about this girl..i dunno what problem she has with me or maybe, she just so into her “Prefect job” and writing people’s names even for a silly this girl’s school, like every other ordinary schools we gotta get ourselves out of troubles..bide by the rules..u know, as usual being a convent school..Our names weren’t allowed to be captured for more than 3 times or we need to attend the Prefect Meeting with the Disciplinary teacher. It’s not really a detention. I never been on a detention so i dunno if it exists in Malaysian schools. This one, it’s just a session called for an interview..surrounded by gloomy group of people around in a big’o room at the old building aged 100 years hahaha scary..Harry Potter sangat kannn..

So, yeah..this is 3 months before SPM exam okayyy..Mrs Siva the disciplinary teacher interviewed me..asking why am i called for the meeting..why my name written 3x..what have i done wrong? With other prefects being there looking at me like a criminal sitting alone in the middle of the court. My classmattes whom were in the Prefect group were smiling with a look that says it’s gonna be alright..thanks for their tips that morning.haha i told her or them..just as per what i was called for:

  1. I wore hairtie, hairclips n ribbon mixing black & white. It was pretty and still looked neat.
  2. Disclaimer: We have to wear all in same 1 colour..if the hairclips are black then the hairtie and ribbon should be black. Whaaaattt? Yeahh, i know right..hahahah it’s not like i was wearing my favourite Pink ribbons.

  3. The prefect checked at the side of my pinafore uniform on the armhole to find out what bra color I was wearing was Black. aiyaaa..die lah. LOL
  4. Disclaimer: Must wear white or skin coloured bras only. Oh gosshhh it wasn’t obvious for heaven sakes. The pinafore is a double layered uniform. So no one knows..she (the prefect) also wouldn’t know if she didn’t really check and ask me to lift up my arms.gggrrrr

  5. I was wearing flipflop and holding my soaking wet white shoes on my hand bcoz it was a rainy day and was heavily raining the day i had to just hold the soaking wet shoes to the assembly hall..instead of wearing them..
  6. Disclaimer: must wear white school’s shoes.
    Oh come has been wet since was raining feet was soaking wet..can’t blame the nature and tropical climate. Dad couldn’t send all the way inside the school area. He just dropped me off as he rushed to his office..and it’s hard walking in a wet shoes..maybe others don’t mind walking in one but me.

Mrs Siva were smiling and giggle a bit..she gave a lil advice that I needed to grow up and changed my hairstyle as it look like a little girl..interview was short coz my accusations were pretty much hmmm urmmmm you may judge from the reasons.hahahah i wasn’t a bad girl in school..those were silly things to be summoned right?

Ironically, all these 3 summons were from the same 1 prefect.. and she is that Prefect! Hahaha well, look..i was not a rebel who didn’t wanna follow school’s rules.. i was even a school’s Librarian..krikk krikk (Crickets sounds) 🙊 we have many Prefects in my class too..they’re all cool. They’d advised nicely if any of the girls did wrong..
But this 1 definitely That Prefect! Hahaha

Wawa said to me in the chatting group..”your memory so sad”.. hahaha we laughed at’s not a sad’s not a good or a bad one either..just a silly one..probably can keep to tell to the grandchildrens someday..😂 That Prefect from school!

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