Write or Not?

How am i supposed to express my feeling?
To write or not to write?

What past is past… this too, shall past.
What’s now and what’s in future?

I used to write creatively, i used to draw beautifully, i used to dance gracefully…
But have i forgot those? Am not whom i used to be?

I may not be perfect in the past nor that I am now..
but i know i am complete with so much love the moment i’ve become a Mother

I may have forget how to write well..
But i’ll just write and write and write again until I find that writer in me again (jangan kecam sis đŸ¤Ŗ )

I’ll stand up…
Let go off all the negativity..
Buhbye negative people, you don’t deserves to be part of my life..

I’m gonna rise again…
So please don’t judge me..
Walk with me till i get back to the track..
Tell me before i fall..

PS, this is not a poem, lah noks!
Sis cuba..sis cubaaaa…😅😅😅
Jangan kecam sis đŸ¤Ŗ

Till my next huhaa..

xoxo 💋 Mommy Love

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